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A Time to Protect

With your kids at home and searching for new activities and friends- now more than ever is a the right time  to keep them safe from those that seek harm.

Watch this video series from Shared Hope International and stay informed.

Computer Class

Technology, including social media and classified websites like, are widely viewed as responsible for the explosion of sex trafficking in the United States. Our own research backs this up.

To make matters worse, predators are luring child victims through online communications — via tablet, phone, even video game consoles. And there, our children are being sold for sex. So how do we protect them?     Check out information provided by Shared Hope International

Attacking Trafficking exists

  • to provide education, awareness and context to the global problem of Human Trafficking;

  • to build community coalitions to stop enslavement of men, women and children;

  • to care for those victimized; and

  • to help prevent the victimization of future generations.

Books and Videos            - Also see:



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