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Attacking Trafficking member Sharon Larrison leads

prayer during the Feb. 5, 2107 Prayer Service to End Human Trafficking

Click below for QC Times coverage of 2017 Prayer Service


     Attacking Trafficking and St. Ambrose University Campus Ministry sponsored a discussion by Christopher Cox, Campaign Manager for The Human Thread, on Thursday, March 2 in the Rogalski Ballroom at St. Ambrose University. The discussion focused on building an understanding of the effects of globalization on the clothing industry and facilitate the understanding of people’s relationship with clothes.

     The Human Thread mission is to raise the consciousness of and empower all people to advocate for the plight of garment workers, worldwide. This is accomplished by fostering awareness, promoting solidarity between consumers and the individuals who manufacture the clothes, in order to create a just economy and sustainable communities. The need to raise the consciousness and empower all people was clearly identified by the 2013 collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. This devastating event killed 1,133 garment workers, and exposing a wide range of abuses connected to the manufacturing of clothes

For more information on The Human Thread, click below:

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