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An interfaith group of individuals looking for ways to combat human trafficking established Attacking Trafficking in 2010. The group began with an outreach by members of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Davenport who identified and contacted members of the Catholic Diocese of Iowa. The organization became a 501 (c)(3) in 2014. The current organization has members from many denominations and backgrounds. All are grounded in their common belief that trafficking of persons is a heinous crime against humanity. Our board meets monthly, as does the community group.

What We Do

Attacking Trafficking is primarily focused on educating the public and others interested in knowing more about human trafficking. We're also working in advocating for legislation that strengthens state and federal code with regards to human trafficking.

We support organizations that provides services for survivors of human trafficking, such as Braking Traffik/Family Resources of the Quad-Cities.

For examples of current residential programs, we invite you to visit:

Board of Directors

President - Ann Mohr

Secretary - Robin Sade

Treasurer - Jane Campagna

Director - Cathy Curtis

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